Hibiscus sinnensis, cultivars

Family: : Malvaceae | Origin: Islands of the South Pacific.

For those of you who like huge, brightly colored flowers, this shrub causes intense pleasure. Chinese hibiscus is indeed an easy-to-grow and floriferous shrub and no one remains indifferent to the magnificent flowers that adorn it all summer long.

All you have to do is plant it in rich soil under full or partial sun, water regularly and fertilize occasionally (excess fertilization and watering may reduce flowering). It can also be grown relatively easily in a large container on a sunny balcony. Careful and non excessive pruning in spring or summer will keep the plant in size. Due to its size (2-4 m height and diameter) and its fast growth rate, it is also perfect to grow as a standard (on a trunk shaped as a small tree) and as a focal plant in the garden.

The Chinese hibiscus has few pests (especially aphids) and with early detection and spraying with soap or other suitable spraying agents they can be easily overcome.

Its only drawback is its sensitivity to the cold – in the mountain area we recommend growing it only in relatively warm spots well protected from winter winds.

When grown in a container, you should move it to the warmest corner of the garden in the winter. The variety with the simple red flower is the most cold hardy.

Over the years, many cultivars with special color combinations and huge flowers were brought to Israel and some of them can be seen on the site of Sagi Flowering Plants.

At the height of summer you can find some special varieties at the nursery. We also supply special varieties by order.

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